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Please be patient with us, our staff will contact you, please do not phone the practice, if you need to contact us please do so by email - info@hmorthoc.co.uk.

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The Benefits Of Invisalign Braces

Our Invisalign braces in Manchester aren’t like your ordinary teeth-straightening process. This treatment helps to straighten your smile in a comfortable way – in fact, some find it more comfortable than traditional wire and bracket braces, though they can be an option for some. Here are some more benefits you may find interesting.

‘Invisible’ appearance

Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible braces as they are made of a transparent plastic that fits snugly onto the teeth. This method of treatment allows a person to undergo teeth straightening in a more discreet way, as the braces are less noticeable than metal alternatives. When wearing your clear aligners, you can smile at everyone and everything and people will barely notice you have them in. This method is perfect for teens and adults who don’t want to go down the traditional braces route.

Comfort is key

Braces can give you slight discomfort when they have just been applied and after every adjustment, but they pain shouldn’t be major. In fact, Invisalign fits snugly to the teeth and feels smooth in your mouth, so you won’t have to worry about your teeth moving any wires, which can lead to discomfort. The aligners may feel tight at first, as your teeth are getting used to the aligners, but after that, they can feel almost pain-free.

Better bite

If you struggle with bite issues, Invisalign can help to improve it. An overbite can make it difficult to chew and bite into some foods, an underbite can cause your teeth to wear more quickly and create difficulties with speech, and a crossbite can cause your teeth to chip and wear down and even cause gums to recede. By undergoing Invisalign treatment, it can help to push the teeth into the correct position gently and over time, in a comfortable way.

Beautiful results

At the end of the treatment, you’ll be left with a gorgeous-looking smile that will brighten up every room you walk in. You could be gleaming with confidence and want to show the world your brand new smile. To protect and maintain your beautiful new smile, you will receive retainers to wear for however long your dentist recommends. This is to stop your teeth from moving out of their new positions.

If you’re ready to start your Invisalign braces journey with Heaton Mersey Dental Practice here in Stockport, we want to hear from you. Get in touch with our orthodontist in Stockport today!