Happy New Year to everyone! Following the latest restrictions please be reassured that we are still open as dental practices have not been asked to close.

Earlier this year we had an air ventilation system installed for increased protection and we still have our stringent measures in place.

We will be continuing your treatments as planned. We are here for you, so please get in touch if you need us. Stay safe.

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Our Guide On Invisalign

Welcome to the world of Invisalign! While you’ve probably heard about this straight-teeth treatment, you might be in the dark about what to expect from treatment and results. That’s why we’ve put together this detailed guide – so you’ll be fully informed about what Invisalign clear brace treatment entails here at our Stockport orthodontists.


The first thing our patients ask us is ‘could Invisalign be right for me?’. As each and every smile is unique, we’ll arrange a consultation with you to determine whether Invisalign in Stockport is suitable for you. For instance, patients with gum disease may not be able to have treatment, or you may need some dental work before we can go ahead.


Our consultation is the ideal time to ask questions about these clever clear braces and to lay any concerns on the table, so we can address them for you – whether it’s a nervousness about the dentist, or a query about the impact on restorative work. We’ll also take the time to check over your mouth, teeth and gums and will take scans of your smile to help create images of your treatment stages and results.


Treatment involves wearing a series of clear braces for around 2 weeks a time, then changing to another set. We can schedule check-ups with our orthodontist if necessary, and there’s also a handy app where you can keep tabs on your treatment (with prompts for when to change aligners).


At the end of the process, you’ll have fantastic results you’ll love – we guarantee it! In some cases, our patients ask for some small tweaks (known as ‘refinements’) to get the perfect position for their teeth. You’ll also need to wear retainers to keep that smile in check! Our orthodontist in Stockport will talk you through all of this so you know what to do.

Other treatments

Our patients often desire straight, white teeth, so we often recommend a course of teeth whitening to really elevate your results and give you that perfect smile. Feel free to ask us about this, if it’s something you’re considering. If you’re looking for an overall makeover, then why not consider our facial rejuvenation products?

Get in touch with our team

Our orthodontists love Invisalign clear braces – and we’re sure you will, too! Arrange a consultation on our contact page here, and we’ll get the ball rolling. We look forward to welcoming you to our Stockport dental practice very soon.