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How Long Do You Wear Invisalign Braces

…And other commonly asked questions! That’s right, in this post, we’ll be capturing queries that our patients often ask us about the revolutionary clear brace treatment, offered here in Stockport, Manchester. Read on to find what happens during treatment, how long you’ll need to wear your Invisalign, and tips for caring for them.

How long does treatment last?

The orthodontic treatment is typically 12-15 months, but Invisalign themselves say treatment can be up to 50% faster than other options. That’s because the braces have SmartTrack material, which is more effective at positioning the teeth.

How long do I keep the aligners in?

You’ll need to wear your aligners at least 20-22 hours per day for the best results! Don’t forget to take your Invisalign clear braces out for eating and teeth-cleaning, and be sure to soak them every couple of days in Invisalign crystals or denture solution to combat bacteria and keep them looking their best.

Are the braces comfortable?

Yes, with only slight pressure occasionally reported when changing clear aligners. The Invisalign clear braces are moulded to your teeth, are trimmed to your gum line and are made of comfortable acrylic.

Will others see them in my mouth?

Invisalign are known for being invisible, as their clear brace design makes them extremely discreet, so may only be noticed by others if they become stained (one reason you should remove them for eating). If you don’t want people to know you have Invisalign braces, don’t worry–we won’t tell if you don’t!

Does Invisalign work on crowns and other treatments?

It’s best to discuss this with us in-practice. Bear in mind that bridges and fixed work may make Invisalign treatment unsuitable for you.

Can I chew gum with Invisalign in?

Absolutely not! This could cause damage to the aligners, make them stained, and even make particles of the gum or food become trapped in place. Always remove your Invisalign aligners when eating or chewing anything–preferably storing them in a case.

What happens if I forget to wear my Invisalign?

Not wearing your Invisalign aligner consistently could cause disruption to your treatment – we advise you to get in touch with us if this happens.

Are Invisalign results permanent?

Part of the orthodontic treatment involves wearing a retainer at the end of your Invisalign course, so your teeth stay put in their new positions. You’ll need to wear this as directed to maximise results.

Can I see my results before treatment?

Yes – that’s one of the huge benefits to Invisalign treatment. You’ll see 3D images of your teeth moving throughout treatment, and predicted results at the end, too.

Do you offer Invisalign at your practice?

Of course! Get in touch with the team in Stockport, Manchester to find out more.