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Dont like visiting the dentist to keep adjusting your braces? – Damon braces may be the answer

Few people actively enjoy visiting the dentist but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to receive dental treatment that will make your teeth look more attractive. We get many enquiries about orthodontic tooth straightening treatment at our Manchester practice and we strive to find a solution that will best fit into a patient’s lifestyle.

Concerns that come up all the time during consultations with patients who have alignment issues are that the braces should look discreet enough and that there is not excessive fiddling about with them, by the dentist, once they’re on. This is probably because it’s commonly known that braces can be uncomfortable immediately after having had them fitted, or adjusted. Who would want to find themselves with an uncomfortable mouth repeatedly throughout the treatment period?

If either of these issues concern you, you might find that Damon braces are the answer. They are reportedly very comfortable to wear for a majority of our patients and self litigating, meaning a lot of the adjustments are done automatically using a slide mechanism. No elastic or metal ties are required around the translucent brackets, so there is less friction and pressure on your teeth. The arch wires also contribute to these braces requiring fewer visits to your dentist.

What can Damon braces correct?

It’s best to arrange a consultation with one of our dedicated orthodontists here at our practice in Heaton Mersey near Manchester to find out if your alignment issue can be corrected using this brand. There are a wide range of issues that they can address. The results they can achieve are much straighter teeth and a renewed confidence in your smile. You should be able to wear your new smile proudly following treatment from Damon braces given their effectiveness.

Want to find out exactly how your smile could look following treatment using Damon braces? Please give us a call to book a consultation. The 3-D technology we use will allow us to create an image of how your teeth should look. If you have any questions, or you’d like to arrange an appointment, please give us a call.

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