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4 reasons you should consider Invisalign braces

It’s not uncommon for an adult to feel unhappy with their smile, but there is a revolutionary new treatment that can help. A discreet orthodontic treatment known as Invisalign is proving itself to be a popular alternative to traditional braces. Here at Heaton Mersey Orthodontic Centre in Stockport, Manchester, we are excited to tell you about the positive changes that Invisalign could bring to your life.

Invisalign braces are virtually invisible

Many people hold back from having their teeth straightened for fear that everyone will notice that they are undergoing treatment. Unlike other methods, however, Invisalign braces are made from a clear material. This means no attention will be drawn to your having orthodontic treatment whilst your braces work to achieve your fantastic results. Their clear, discreet appearance is a large part of why so many people are choosing Invisalign braces.

Invisalign braces can be removed

We recommend that you wear your braces for at least 22 hours a day, however, the convenience of this treatment comes with the fact that you can remove the aligner for short periods of time. Whether you wish to feel unrestricted while eating and brushing your teeth, or you do not want to wear them during a special occasion, the convenience of Invisalign braces ensures that your everyday activities aren’t hindered.

Invisalign brings speedy results

 Whilst treatment time will vary in each client, minor alignment issues can be completed in as little as 4-12 months, meaning the journey to your new smile may be completed quicker than you thought. More complex issues can take up to 18 months, and this is something we will discuss with you at your consultation. At Heaton Mersey Orthodontic Clinic, each check-up provides us with the opportunity to guide you on your progress and answer any questions you may have about the treatment.

They are more comfortable than traditional braces

 Although some people may experience minor discomfort at the beginning of each treatment stage, this will be temporary. Braces made from metal wires brackets can potentially irritate your mouth or gums. Invisalign braces, on the other hand, are made from a strong, medical-grade thermoplastic material – and are, therefore, a much more comfortable option!

If you’re looking for Invisalign braces in Manchester and believe they might be the right treatment for you, then please don’t hesitate to contact Heaton Mersey Orthodontic centre, Stockport, Manchester, today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have before starting your journey with Invisalign.