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Invisalign and men: The growing cosmetic trend

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Until quite recently, cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics procedures have been more openly associated with women. Although some men have always sought to look their very best through different procedures, it wasn’t uncommon to hear of men hiding their cosmetic appointments from their wives and families, or secretly saving cash for treatments.

Study shows Invisalign adult braces are good for gum health

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As a provider of adult braces in Manchester, we were interested to read an article in June’s BMC Oral Health Journal about the findings of a new study, Braces versus Invisalign: Gingival parameters and patients’ satisfaction during treatment: A cross-sectional study. The study, by researchers from Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz in Germany, compared the… Continue reading >>

Is there a difference between adult orthodontic braces and orthodontics for children?

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When it comes to orthodontic (teeth straightening) treatment, age really is just a number and there’s certainly no upper age limit for adult orthodontic braces. Teeth and the mouth’s soft tissues are essentially the same in both adults and children. The one difference is that adult orthodontic treatment can take slightly longer to achieve the… Continue reading >>

Why is everyone talking about Invisalign?

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If you’re looking for teeth straightening treatments for adults, the chances are that you’ve come across Invisalign braces on lots of different dental websites. But why the buzz? What’s got everyone talking about Invisalign? Is it because Invisalign braces are effective, discreet, affordable or something else altogether?

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